Person In Context

The 2nd Person in Context (PIC) Workshop and Challenge will be held in conjunction with ICCV2019, in Seoul, Korea.

TPAMI 2019

<<Fine-grained Human-centric Tracklet Segmentation with Single Frame Supervision>> accept by TPAMI 2019.


  • Prof. Liu is awarded as the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Outstanding Reviewer Award 2020. [certificate]
  • Our undergraduate intern Tianyu Yu wins the 2020 Nomination Award of Shenyuan Medal Beihang University (北航本科生最高荣誉"沈元奖章"), (10/4000+)
  • One TIST paper <<Attentive Excitation and Aggregation for Bilingual Referring Image Segmentation >> accepted
  • We will hold the 3rd Person in Context workshop challenge with CVPR 2021
  • Prof. Liu will serve as Area Chair for ICCV 2021 and SPC for IJCAI 2021
  • One AAAI 2021 paper <<Confidence-aware Non-repetitive Multimodal Transformers for TextCaps >> accepted
  • One PRCV 2020 paper accepted as the best paper runner-up [certificate]
  • Prof. Liu will serve as TPC member for ICLR 2021
  • Two ACM MM 2020 papers accepted
  • One TIP 2020 paper <<ORDNet: Capturing Omni-Range Dependencies for Scene Parsing>> accepted
  • One ECCV 2020 paper <<Linguistic Structure Guided Context Modeling for Referring Image Segmentation>> accepted
  • CoLab team and Yitu Tech won the ACM'MM 2020 Video Relation Detection Challenge [certificate]
  • CoLab team and XiaoMi NLP group won the ACL 2020 REVERIE Challenge [certificate]
  • Prof. Liu will serve as Area Chair for ACCV 2020, WACV 2021 and TPC member for NeurIPS 2020
  • Prof. Liu served as Area Chair of ICCV 2019CVPR 2020 and ECCV 2020
  • Colab team won the CVPR 2020 TextCaps Challenge
  • Prof. Si Liu has been recognized as the Most Influential Scholar Award Honorable Mention for her contributions to the field of Multimedia between 2009 and 2019 (rank 45)
  • Prof. Liu and Alibaba group won the CVPR 2020 DeepFashion2 clothes retrieval competition
  • Five papers(including one oral paper) are accepted by CVPR 2020
  • One TNNLS 2020 paper <<Scene Graph Generation with Hierarchical Context>> accepted
  • Si Liu,Hongyi Xiang and Shan An took part in ICCV 2019
  • PIC 2019 Workshop Successfully held
  • Lejian Ren won the Youtube-vos challenge 2019
  • Shaofei Huang got Rank 2 in the ADE20K Dataset
  • One TPAMI 2019 paper <<Fine-grained Human-centric Tracklet Segmentation with Single Frame Supervision>> accepted
  • About Us

    CoLab (Cola Laboratory,可乐实验室) is founded on June 12th 2016.We focus on developing human-centric image/video understanding techniques, including human parsing,human pose estimation, human attribute prediction, people re-id etc.
    CoLab is interested in applying the CV techniques to real applications, such as intelligent makeup system and surveillance video analysis.